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A real Autumn Statement, part 1 – lemmings in denial

Read this report, from Dr Tim Morgan of Tullett Prebon Research, on the real state of the debt-addicted British econonmy (such as it is), and weep. Democracy is a God that has failed. I’ll put part two up when I … Continue reading

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Caretaker Kings of Germany will bail out Greece

Because of the democratic cycle, where people like Angela Merkel know they’re going to be out of power and therefore out of influence in a few years time (or possibly even in a few months time), Egon von Greyerz speculates … Continue reading

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Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Walking on the Wild Side

Clearing out some old cupboards recently, I found a review of “Democracy: The God That Failed”, gathering dust in a remote corner of the Internet. I thought it was time we should polish it up a little, after a nine-year … Continue reading

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