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James Rickards: The US Is the Biggest Currency Manipulator

Alex Daley, of Casey Research, speaks to Jim Rickards about the global fiat currency ‘race to the bottom’: Here’s an article with more detail.

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Rickards Roubini Wars, Up Close and Personal

You may have been following the musings of paper bug Nouriel Roubini and his online Twitter attack against Mr James G. Rickards, a man certainly capable of defending himself against such puerile name-calling. Mr Rickards paints his amused side of … Continue reading

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Keiser predicts: Chinese will bail out Italian government in return for 3,000 tons of gold

As well as various predictions about what the ECB will unsuccessfully do to get out of its latest Italian government hole, Max interviews Jim Rickards over his latest Currency Wars book. Look out for the 50-Euro note toilet roll and … Continue reading

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