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Nigel Farage: One world government stares us in the face

Has Mr Farage been reading The Daily Bell, with its slogan of Out of Chaos, Order? It certainly seems like that when you listen to this King World News interview, held with “Mr Gold” himself, Eric King. There’s much else … Continue reading

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Detlev Schlichter: By abandoning the gold standard we embraced monetary central planning, chaos

Once again, Herr Schlichter hits it out of the park. Favourite quote: “A system that is based on central planning, on price fixing and persistent market manipulation must ultimately collapse. Signs that this system has already checkmated itself are accumulating … Continue reading

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Fuel chaos in UK

We had a taste of the chaos that is to come, here in the UK, yesterday, as fuel filling stations all over the country were deluged by vehicles seeking fuel. I was almost in a motor vehicle accident myself, as … Continue reading

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