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David Galland: Europe has been quietly taken over by communists

Casey Research’s managing director has conducted in-depth research from the back of taxis all over Europe and has come to a reasonable conclusion, one which many inside the goldfish bowl are incapable of comprehending, though that fails to stop it … Continue reading

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James Rickards: The US Is the Biggest Currency Manipulator

Alex Daley, of Casey Research, speaks to Jim Rickards about the global fiat currency ‘race to the bottom’: Here’s an article with more detail.

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Is Gold Money? Iran Says Yes

Casey Research examines India and Iran’s decision to trade gold for oil. Quote: “A month ago, a rumor that India is going to pay in gold for oil imported from sanction-struck Iran sent shockwaves through the markets. It was no … Continue reading

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Ducks quack, Central Banks print money

An excellent podcast from ‘Financial Sense Newshour’, in which Bud Conrad of Casey Research runs the rule over the ongoing train wreck known increasingly hilariously as ‘The Euro’. Soon to be known, of course, as ‘The Straitjacket’, before it becomes … Continue reading

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