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Jean-Marie Eveillard: Keynes was a crank

More good listening on King World News, as Jean-Marie Eveillard discusses gold manipulation, global money printing, and the nature of our enemy: What to focus on in the gold market right now, & more, October 16, 2012

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John Embry: Gold demand to overwhelm manipulators and more

My favourite King World News guest, John Embry, is bang on form with his latest interview on KWN. Before listening, I want you to ask yourself whether Mr Embry thinks the latest U.S. unemployments statistics are a preposterous fabrication designed … Continue reading

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Rob Arnott on KWN: Major defaults, German court decision, inflation, stock market, & more

Although I always try to let you know about KWN interviews with John Embry, James Turk, and Eric Sprott, I rarely put up those with Rob Arnott, as they remind me too much of reading ‘Security Analysis’ by Dodd and … Continue reading

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Swiss hero: Marc Faber

Check out this recent KWN quote from Marc Faber: “Central bankers are in this world to print money. They’re intellectually completely dishonest or incompetent. It’s all they know. They’ve never worked a day in their lives…They have never balanced their … Continue reading

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And now we wait for the German courts…

Egon von Greyerz discusses with Eric King the latest news from Jackson Hole and the upcoming German court decision on whether the German government can sell the German people down the River Rhine. In the end, however, Von Greyerz says … Continue reading

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KWN: Gold, Jim Grant, Bernanke, Draghi, a Collapse in Confidence, & More

As the Illuminati-Politburo gather in Jackson Hole, to centrally plan out our lives for their betterment, Eric King speaks to John Hathaway about their plans to stimulate their tax-cattle into line. Okay, so their ‘stimulation’ plans have failed for the … Continue reading

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Eric Sprott: Negative Interest Rate Policy, the Death Knell of the Financial System

The Two Erics get together again on King World News, to discuss negative interest rates around the world, and the pointlessness this engenders within the current financial system. Why should you give a pension fund manager all of your spare … Continue reading

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