Tales of Titans and Hobbits – The Tolkien beat goes on


As well as this person recognising that there’s more to Tolkien than goblins and elves, another article, by Juliusz Jablecki, comes to the attention of this website which has spotted the link between the great English writer and freedom, this time also bringing in the literary force of Ayn Rand, for good measure.

Being someone who much prefers the near-anarchist Tolkien to the minarchist-statist Rand, I wonder myself whether she would actually have approved of Saruman and his inventive spirit at Orthanc, if not perhaps his ultimate goal. One wonders the same about what her feelings towards Sauron might have been, of course, with all of his inventions at Barad-dûr, both of these malevolent spirits once having been earth-spirit angels subservient to Aulë, the god of all earthly things, before Sauron decided to switch allegiance to Melkor. But I digress.

If I don’t stop now, I’ll start talking about how both Gandalf-Mithrandir-Olorin and the Balrog of Moria were both fire spirit angels, so may have actually been brothers long before the events of the Lord of the Rings. And that really would be too much. As would a textual analysis of what Gandalf said to the Balrog just before his fall into Moria. But for those who do want to know such things, you can find the details here.

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