Happy Christmas!: Anarchast Ep. 48 with Andrew Duncan of Goldmoney.com Podcasts

A Christmas Day treat! 🙂

Anarchast (http://anarchast.com) — Your Home for Anarchy on the Internet.
Jeff Berwick talks with Andrew Duncan, host of the Goldmoney.com Audio podcast.
Topics include:
  • How Andrew became an anarchist starting in public school and being put in remedial classes and then finding socialism and Marxism in the school library
  • His progression then included becoming a “New Labour” follower and proponent of Tony Blair
  • His beliefs and his business were then destroyed by that party and Tony Blair
  • He then discovered the “word” Mises through Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged  and then stated “Human Action” by Mises then saved his life
  • How public schools are just day prisons for kids
  • His epiphany moment when he read “Democracy: The God That Failed” by Hans Herman Hoppe
  • One of his favorite novels, “Snow Crash” by Neil Stevenson and how that turned him on to “phyles”
  • His belief that anarchists have to remain totally peaceful
  • The importance of teaching your children foreign languages, including Spanish and Chinese
  • The financial state of affairs in the UK
  • The massive similarities between the Roman Empire and the US Empire
  • The importance of gold to liberty
  • How to get over anger, bitterness and envy by reading Mises, “Socialism
  • How most major religions are based on anarchist principles
  • The belief in war comes from state indoctrination and TV “programming”
  • Buy Jack England’s, “Sword of Marathonhere
For more information on The Dollar Vigilante, go to http://dollarvigilante.com.  For more information on Jeff Berwick’s anarchist enclave, Galt’s Gulch Chile, go to http://galtsgulchchile.com.

About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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