GoldMoney podcast: Andy Duncan on the Sword of Marathon

Episode 82: GoldMoney’s Dominic Frisby interviews Andy Duncan (alias Jack England), the author of Sword of Marathon. They talk about Andy’s motivation to write the book, the story plot and his decision to self-publish.

Sword of Marathon is a libertarian action adventure novel set in Ancient Greece. Andy’s idea was to communicate libertarian and Austrian thought through the means of a novel as well as illustrating the historical scenery and early problems with Greek democracy.

The book also talks about the banking system at the time of the Persian invention of what would now be considered a cheque. It also touches on gold and silver’s role as money, and the real story behind the marathon walk.

They also discuss Andy’s usage of the alias Jack England, and his decision to self-publish the book. The Kindle edition is already available for less than one pound/dollar/euro and Andy promises that this money will be wisely spent.

This podcast was recorded on 6 December 2012.

About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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