EU steps in to try to prevent Scottish secession


In a move designed to prevent the breakup of its miserable empire, the EU has stepped into the Scottish secession debate to try to halt the loss of its colony.

Hopefully, this move will backfire.

When faced with the wonderful prospect of being outside the EU and outside the currency area of the horrible soon-to-collapse Euro, the sensible Scottish people might actually find this more attractive than the alternative.

Alas, so many people in Scotland have now been deliberately co-opted into the ambit of the state (either via government jobs or welfare), that this EU move to prevent secession may gain traction.

But if people in Scotland want to enjoy the same access to the EU that Switzerland, Norway, and Turkey have, without any of the stupid fascistic encumbrances of federalism, then all they have to do is call the EU’s bluff and tell them to go and stick their unwelcome intervention where the sun refuses to shine.

After all, Robert the Bruce tried time and time again to shake off the menace of England. Perhaps it’s time for the Scottish people to try, try, and try again, to shake off the menace of Brussels, and throw away the succouring thralldom of English and European welfare, all designed to make Scotland a subservient nation.


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