Eric Sprott: The Silver Shorts are Trapped


If it’s true that the shadowy ‘Bank of International Settlements’ has been globally planning the prices of precious metals via its subservient central planners at the world’s central banks, then lots of gold and silver has been ‘leased’ (i.e. given) to favoured and nominally private bullion banks, to sell on to the physical market to keep those prices down.

On top of that, these bullion banks will have been instructed to sell gold and silver futures into the market, to further suppress the price of real money. But is there enough real silver and gold in the world to meet all of these promises to deliver real metal, at some point in the future, or did these banks hope they could roll over these promises to deliver indefinitely?

Despite the enormous power of having central bank reserves behind their promises, to keep crushing prices, will the central banks eventually have to completely empty their coffers and fall over both a “golden cliff” and a “silver cliff”, to make good on the commitments of their bullion bank friends?

If this game is being played – of precious metals price suppression – then the global planners coordinating all of this must have known that at some point it would end. Or perhaps they didn’t? Perhaps they were just kicking the can down the road as long as they could, without an end game plan at all? The English civil service is notorious for planning on the fudging mentality of hoping ‘something will turn up’. All most English civil servants do is work out when they can retire on an index-linked pension, and then plan to keep their personal schemes going until one day after that point, so that some other hapless fool can pick up the pieces.

Have the global planners at the BIS adopted the same kick-the-can mentality?

Whatever the case, Eric Sprott thinks the end game may be coming, in this King World News interview, for this forty-year-old price suppression system.

That silver can is just getting too heavy to kick any more.

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