GoldMoney Podcast: Jeffrey Tucker on the future of private money

My latest GoldMoney podcast, with the wonderful Jeff Tucker…

“Episode 67: GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan speaks to Jeffrey Tucker, Publisher & Executive Editor of Laissez Faire Books ( and author of It’s a Jetsons World, Bourbon for Breakfast, and A Beautiful Anarchy.

They discuss possible future scenarios regarding private money and trading systems, and discuss how the western world may be about to enter the trailing edge of a financial storm that started in 2008. They argue that we can survive this storm via new private and digital money technologies. Tucker points out that the global communication network is the main driving force of economic progress today.

They cover BitCoin, Lending Clubs, and various forms of gold money along with the inability of governments to keep up with rapidly developing markets. They also discuss the short-term ramifications of the latest US Presidential election, as well as Jeffrey’s move from the Mises Institute to Laissez Faire Books.

This podcast was recorded on 12 November 2012.”


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