GoldMoney Podcast: Guido Hülsmann on Mises’ invaluable legacy

My second podcast for GoldMoney, with the redoubtable Professor Jorg Guido Hülsmann:

If you’ve ever wanted to hear the phrase intertemporal disequilibria spoken meaningfully within a coherent sentence, by a proper Austrian economist, all whilst describing the Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle, then now’s your chance. Absolutely marvellous! 🙂

Here’s the YouTube:

Here’s the accompanying YouTube description:

Episode 63: 2012 marks the centennial of the publication of one of the Austrian School of economics’ most important books on monetary theory: The Theory of Money and Credit by Ludwig von Mises. GoldMoney’s Andy Duncan interviews Professor Guido Hülsmann about his forthcoming special book — a “Festschrift” honouring Mises which will be published to mark this centennial.

They discuss the importance of The Theory of Money and Credit, along with the impact of a 1912 review of the book by a then little-known scholar by the name of John Maynard Keynes. Hülsmann uses Austrian theory as a basis for his predictions of how the global financial situation will develop. He thinks Germany will stay in the eurozone come what may, and also comments on the interesting case of two German members of parliament who were recently refused entry to the Bank of England and the Bank of France, after they requested to inspect German gold reserves stored at these institutions.

Hülsmann is a Professor of Economics at the University of Angers in France, and a Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. He’s also the author of several important Austrian School books, including Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism (2007) and The Ethics of Money Production (2008).


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