Zeitgeist, the Movie

This morning, I shall mostly be re-watching this fascinating 2-hour movie:

As Mr Spock would say, it is highly interesting, except for the first four and a half minutes, which I found vaguely baffling. But then, I must admit to watching X-Factor, so you can’t have or win everything.

Getting back to the movie, I found the section on mythology highly interesting, which begins at 11:21, when the magnificent George Carlin describes his feelings on religion. My good friend Jack England tells me he’s also going to include a lot of this kind of thing in his next novel, particularly a lot of interesting things about Dionysos, mycology, and the prehistoric production of divine dreams.

He says an Ark of the Covenant may creep in too.

Well, everyone has to have a hobby.

Here’s the YouTube blurb:

“The movie describes how the Myth has been used to control and manipulate populations since the time of the neolithic revolution. This is what the Christ myth and 9/11 myth have in common. Two stories, widely believed but false, which have served to empower political establishments.”

Here’s the link to the movie’s notes:


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