Nigel Farage: One world government stares us in the face

Do you recognise this wise and mighty ruler? Yes, it’s the Politburo President of the EUSSR.

Has Mr Farage been reading The Daily Bell, with its slogan of Out of Chaos, Order?

It certainly seems like that when you listen to this King World News interview, held with “Mr Gold” himself, Eric King. There’s much else of interest in this interview, along with a discussion of how the UK might be in the process of escaping from the EU’s prison, due to the welcome failure of the UK’s political elites to sleepwalk us into the hated Euro fiat currency trap.

Before or after listening to this interview, you may also want to watch this recent video of Mr Farage in action at the EU’s Politburo. One wonders how long Mr Van Rompuy, the unelected king of these free-range tax-farming bureaucrats, will tolerate such truth being spoken within his august and largely unknown presence. And if you do watch that video, observe the manners of these uncivilised parasites break down, once again, as Mr Farage challenges the legitimacy of their immoral and unwanted feasting trough, which somehow, despite its obvious criminality, won the recent Nobel Peace Prize (free with every portion of Tortilla Shrimp).

For now though, here is that interview:

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