Dr Doug McGuff: The moral hazards and destructive economics of collectivised health care

Body by Science author, Dr Doug McGuff, explains in several YouTubes how the state takes over and destroys the health of any nation. He uses the ongoing destruction of health care in the United States, as an example, but we see sub-optimisation of health care whenever any state starts getting its rancid claws into this vital concern, with ever-increasing cost, ever-decreasing choice, and ever-decreasing quality, all the usual outcomes for the mandated consumer, usually aided, supported, and abetted, by all the various guaranteed-payment producers involved.

Patients (the people made to pay for all the professionals and accompanying bureaucracy) become liabilities rather than customers, within any state-run health system. Its managing bureaucrats eventually reach the point where it is better for their statistics that we die, and are cleared off their books, rather than give us something we have been made to pay for.

Here’s a simple thought experiment. Imagine if the government ran the food distribution system. What would it look like? Within a couple of years I’m confident we would have a Soviet-style system of rationing, shoddy foods, poor choice, endemic shortages, and people dying of malnutrition and food poisoning, accompanied by long queues and special shops for government-favoured bureaucrats.

And if that thought experiment bears a ring of truth, why do we let the same appalling self-serving government machine run health systems? They get away with it, because most of us do not need a health system on a daily basis, and they can hide most of their mistakes and bad practices within ever-increasing disability rolls, millions addicted to Big Pharma drugs, and ultimately, graveyards and crematoriums.

Even now, the British government is asking doctors to identify people who ‘have less than one year to live’, presumably to start shutting down any healthcare money spent on them to save cash for Whitehall bureaucrats to award themselves ‘bonuses’ with.

We need food on a daily basis, so the government must minimise its activities there, otherwise there would be a revolution removing the government. They get away with it, with health care, because they typically appeal to that almost universal human desire to get something for nothing, paid for by someone else. Along the way, they make us pay much more than we would otherwise have paid, and give us much less. It’s called the art of the possible or the art of statecraft and government.

Watch these videos to figure out how it all went wrong for state-run health systems, and how to avoid coming within the belly of these monstrous beasts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

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