Nigel Farage: The EU Winning A Nobel Peace Prize is Nonsense

Nigel Farage is grilled by a stuffed-shirt tax-paid BBC globalist pre-prepped flunkey on the ridiculous award of the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ to the corrupt globalist gang of thieves known as the EU. Watch Mr Farage smash this flunkey, who tries unsuccessfully to give Mr Farage a much harder time than he would to any globalist-loving guest. It’s so much fun to watch the stuffed-shirt being squashed by the fortunately well-read Mr Farage, who is so easily able to swat away all the grenades and land mines the flunkey tries to undermine him with.

Splendid effort, sir:

As constitutionalwar says in the YouTube comments:

“Nigel Farage is the Ron Paul of Europe. I love this guy!”

Praise indeed.


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