Dollar Vigilante: It’s a Weekend at Bernie’s Financial System

The Duke of Acapulco speaks to Jason Burack, of Wall St for Main St, in an excellent long interview about the current U.S. presidential ‘ruler selection’ process and much more besides, including naming Jesus as an anarchist. He also intimates how staff at the central bank of Brazil are going on strike because their wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. Think about that for a minute.

Topics include:

  • Americas obsession with politics
  • The indoctrination system known as compulsory state education
  • The symbiosis of the state and the mainstream media
  • The natural progression and growth of the state
  • Modern day serfdom
  • The continuing negative trends of government and financial markets
  • Some predictions on the US inflation rate

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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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