Anti-affluence Tax-Stasi about to start terrorising Britain

The new logo for the UK’s ‘Liberal’ party, unveiled by Nick Clegg, yesterday

As the British economy sinks ever further into the toilet of social policy, money printing, and stupid government interventions, the quite frankly appalling ‘Liberal’ party are about to instigate a wave of tax terror. Although this is probably just an ‘eye-catching’ initiative to appeal to its tax-fed Guardian-reading supporters, apparently a wave of nasty, slimy, rotten government creeps are going to start terrorising anyone who has a house better than theirs.

You don’t believe me? Read this, in the Daily Mail:

I don’t think even the East Germans would have put up with this kind of treatment, back in the bad old days of the GDR. I think it says something for the horrible state of Britain, that politicians think an ‘Anti-affluence unit’ is something to brag about and something to ‘fight over’ to instigate. It probably also says something about the people of Britain that they are going to supinely lay down and let this be done to them.

One wonders if Nick Clegg’s well-connected family or David Cameron’s even better-connected family, with get subjugated to this open protection racket thuggery? Perhaps not.

My advice for any ‘slaveys’ continuing to stay in Britain, rather than doing the sensible thing of leaving, especially anyone who lives in a house that might make a tax thief feel envious:

  • Get a really good accountant
  • Get tax insurance, to pay for your accountant’s costs in defending you from such a nasty intrusion by these bed bug tax Stasi

Doctors protect you from micro-parasites. Accountants protect you from macro-parasites.

Alternatively, leave, and go somewhere you’re appreciated, rather than hated for failing to love the government and for failing to want to hand them all of your money so they can subsidise themselves and their Guardian-reading friends in bureaucratic palaces and pay for all of their inept interventions.

And if anyone reading this is still paying political dues to either the conservative party or the liberal party, both of which are the ones jointly responsible for this ensuing tax terror, may the tax Stasi knock on your doors first.

And if anyone would like to take a dictionary to Nick Clegg, and point out to him what the word ‘Liberal’ means, I think the rest of us would be truly obliged.

Perhaps we should arrange for the ghost of Gladstone to visit him, if his soul isn’t too busy spinning in his grave.


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