Rob Arnott on KWN: Major defaults, German court decision, inflation, stock market, & more


Leviathan will not go down to the rigidities of economic truth without a fight…

Although I always try to let you know about KWN interviews with John Embry, James Turk, and Eric Sprott, I rarely put up those with Rob Arnott, as they remind me too much of reading ‘Security Analysis’ by Dodd and Graham, or swallowing a CFA manual on economics. Not that I’m against such things, you understand, but it’s difficult to make such things interesting.

However, I think this time Mr Arnott is fairly compelling in his precise tactical analysis of recent events. Yes, you will have to drink one or two large coffees, both before and during listening. However, if you know what the nonsense of ‘Ricardian Equivalence’ is, then you’ll almost feel at home. For the rest of us mortals, let’s try to do the best we can, as Mr Arnott lays it all out at our feet for us. Some of his conclusions are surprising, though we must take them into account if we are to understand his description of how the enemy thinks:


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