Professor Hoppe: The Great Fiction


The professor’s new book is out in English, from Laissez Faire books. Read all about it, here.

Here are just some of the things the book is about:

  • Three marks of a state (that the state does not advertise)
  • Why a population puts up with the taxes, bullying, and bad service from the state
  • Why intellectuals turn to the state for support
  • Why compulsory education really exists
  • Why and how the state brings about the war of all against all
  • Why property rights exist only because of scarcity
  • Why every deviation from property rights leads to social loss
  • Why modern life is, in some ways, more savage than primitive prehistoric times
  • Why richer states are more aggressive
  • Why and how the family originated as an economic unit
  • Why self-sufficiency is the path to poverty
  • Why the Malthusian trap is real and how we escaped it
  • Why technological improvement necessarily grows from ownership and trade
  • Why the crucial ingredient that ushered in modernity is human intelligence
  • Why total privatization is not only possible, but desirable
  • Why it is naive to expect the state to ever reform money
  • Why the immigration issue is more complicated than either side admits
  • Why the best path forward for freedom must include the right to secede
  • Why truly just laws must necessarily extend from private property
  • Why there can be no religious freedom without property rights

When I get to Bodrum in two weeks time, I shall get the professor to sign my copy. Then I’ll tell you what I think about it. Hint: Probably absolutely splendid. If there are any jokes, then delete that ‘probably’.


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