U.S. Republicans introduce gold standard debate – mainstream media go mental

Imagine if this had been made out of paper?

Herr Schlichter examines the faux debate around the new American gold commission, which even if it actually happens, will simply deliver the same result as the last one. And even if somehow intelligence and common sense were to momentarily strike a few more politicians than Ron Paul, Steve Baker, Nigel Farage, and Daniel Hannan, do we really want governments running our monetary systems anyway, when all they have shown in the past is their criminality, their stupidity, and their constant desire to use this control to benefit the oligarchy of which they are composed, by printing money out of thin air to buy themselves and their friends undeserved wealth and unconstrained power?

Favourite quote, below:

“And you know what I think of our present unconstrained fiat money system: It is suboptimal, unstable and unsustainable. It is fundamentally incompatible with capitalism, and it has now amassed so many colossal imbalances, from overstretched banks to a gigantic and never to be repaid public debt load, that it is firmly beyond repair. It is in its endgame.”


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