Swiss hero: Marc Faber

At the Battle of Sempach, Arnold Winkelried, no doubt an ancestor of Marc Faber, breaks open the Habsburg line of the Holy Roman Empire and thus protects the freedom of Switzerland from the incompetence and corruption of pan-European government for the next 600 years

Check out this recent KWN quote from Marc Faber:

“Central bankers are in this world to print money. They’re intellectually completely dishonest or incompetent. It’s all they know. They’ve never worked a day in their lives…They have never balanced their businesses between expenses and revenues and achieved net profits. They are all completely remote from reality…All these [neo-Keynesian and monetarist] theories have been badly abused by the interventionists, who basically want to have full control, mostly of the economy, in terms of being central planners, and [in terms of] your freedom. And this is a very dangerous trend. And I will always fight government on every level I can. Because the larger the government, the larger the abuse in the system. The extreme case is socialism, communism, and a planned economy. And that has proven to be a complete economic disaster…Every intervention of government is a complete disaster.”


You can hear the whole piece, here:


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