Another brick in the Berlin Wall around Britain

As the British police state grows, and the sovietisation of the UK progresses, now even lawyers for ‘disliked’ persons are beginning to have their movements restricted. Love him or loathe him – and whether you think he is part of the Illuminati or against them – with the British government being ordered by Washington to get Julian Assange to Sweden, so the Swedes can use trumped-up charges to bounce him to a kangaroo court in Washington, the British government have already gone against all modern protocols in refusing to allow Mr Assange to use political asylum to escape this increasingly militarised and paranoid country.

And now, they are harassing his lawyers, and placing them on ‘secret’ watch lists too, just in case they cause too much ‘trouble’.

Yes, Soviet/Gestapo Britain is growing before our eyes, as the economy disappears into a toilet of paper money printing by the clowns in Westminster, and we all just sit like frogs in warm water and continue to watch X-Factor.

I used to wonder what happened to the Germans in the 1920s and early 1930s, when Hitler was establishing his powers. Why didn’t they stop him, you might have asked? Well, perhaps for the same reasons that no-one is stopping the growth of the British police state, now. Perhaps they were too busy fussing over parking restrictions, and school fees, and the wrong kinds of breakfast cereal. If you’ve done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to hide, surely? Until of course, one day you find it is you who’s being harassed merely for daring to look at these emperors or for telling them that their clothes look just like the ones the East German police used to wear.


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