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Lance Armstrong and Kim Dotcom: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

As a born-again occasional cyclist, I’ve found the hounding and continual persecution of Lance Armstrong rather disturbing. I’m glad he’s confounded the grey zombies who’ve been chasing him for many years, jealous of his fame and success, as compared to … Continue reading

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Democracy comes out of the barrel of a gun

Just for the quote in the title above, this Paul Craig Roberts article is worth reading: Amerika’s Future Is Death

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Professor Gerard Casey: Libertarian Anarchy – Against the State

Word reaches these towers, that Professor Gerard Casey has just published a new book, currently available on Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State The book will be available soon on In the meantime, you can ‘Look Inside’ the UK … Continue reading

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Debt bomb bonanza! The global financial crisis stripped bare

In a remarkable video, Britain’s best known anarcho-capitalist, Dominic Frisby, explains all the central Misesian axioms of government paper money printing, a system which is going to collapse in a socialist nation near you, real soon. With this video, you … Continue reading

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Wolfing the enemy

All the Paleo Austrians (in both senses of the term) might enjoy listening to this podcast between Lew Rockwell, one of the leading evangelists of the Austrian (Paleo) movement, and Robb Wolf, one of the leading evangelists of the Paleo … Continue reading

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The Anti-Rothbard Cult

Murray Rothbard was one of the greatest men who ever lived. In my humble opinion, he was perhaps the greatest man who ever lived, perhaps in a league of two, with Ludwig von Mises. Other contenders, to my subjective mind, … Continue reading

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