Lance Armstrong and Kim Dotcom: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?


As a born-again occasional cyclist, I’ve found the hounding and continual persecution of Lance Armstrong rather disturbing. I’m glad he’s confounded the grey zombies who’ve been chasing him for many years, jealous of his fame and success, as compared to their grey parasitical lives, by refusing to bow before their kangeroo courts, and by refusing to tug his forelock before ‘massa’.

How have these ‘anti-doping’ agencies acquired so much power anyway, to destroy successful people? Armstrong never once failed a single test, but even if he had, he would have just been breaking the rules of a sporting competition, rather than being a secret slaver or murderer.

Surely the rules of a sporting contest are to be enforced by whichever sporting organisation runs the sporting competition that a person enters. When did those ‘rights’ such as they are, transfer to horrific government bureaucracies, who then go on to hound and berate anyone who annoys them, often for years, usually for political purposes as opposed to sporting ones?

To have survived the intrusive, complex, and endless drugs tests that Armstrong had to endure probably daily, for many years, and to come out the other side of this minefield without a single fail, even despite all the jealousy, envy, and possible corruption of everyone surrounding him, makes Armstrong even more of a hero in my book. That he has refused to acknowledge these mendacious grey clowns is even better. And these tests they gave him, for so many years, are so stringent, that virtually all the rest of us would fail them after even ingesting the mildest cold or flu remedy, the wrong kind of chocolate, or drinking the wrong kind of lemonade.

Add to this the chances of a food station operative being bribed to put illicit substances in a cyclist’s food bag, to knock him out of a race, and it’s a miracle any successful cyclist manages to survive unscathed with their daily testing regimens, which apply to all race and stage winners, and many others at random on a regular basis.

I’m convinced that even the heroic Bradley Wiggins will fail a drugs test one day, even without having taken any drugs (deliberately). He is such a tall poppy, that the envy produced is bound to drive at least one corrupt official to try to ‘bring him down’ in a Procrustean manner. But this ‘fall from grace’ won’t stop him being a hero. Just as it hasn’t stopped Armstrong being a hero.

I hope Armstrong goes on in his new imposed life to be as successful as he was in his previous one. And for more on this topic, where else can we read but The Daily Bell.


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