Debt bomb bonanza! The global financial crisis stripped bare

In a remarkable video, Britain’s best known anarcho-capitalist, Dominic Frisby, explains all the central Misesian axioms of government paper money printing, a system which is going to collapse in a socialist nation near you, real soon.

With this video, you will, as they say, hardly believe your eyes.

I must warn you about a few rude words, before you decide to watch. And even though I’m an anarcho-capitalist myself, I also hereby ban all married men from watching the last 30 seconds of this cultural triumph. I’ve checked the video several times myself, and I’m firmly convinced that this ban is valid, despite my usual prohibition on such bans.

Linguistic philosophers may wish to pick the bones out of that. In the meantime, unmarried men and everyone else will want to watch this video, purely for fiduciary educational purposes, obviously:


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