Steve Baker MP: The banking system isn’t capitalist

Some Westminster politicians, yesterday

The English Ron Paul, Steve Baker MP, is much more of a ‘realist’ than I will ever be, if by ‘realist’ you mean someone who will be taken seriously by the nest of sociopathic thieves and vipers that infest the Westminster area of London.

Personally, I believe it is impossible to reform the state from the inside, as that is exactly the same as reforming the mafia from the inside. However, just as Ron Paul has done in the United States, Mr Baker is at least raising the rocks of democratic cover and exposing all of the capo di tutti woodlice in the dunghill of British politics to the light of reason and sense.

They might not like it, but as they scuttle around visible to us all, even if only temporarily, the longer he can keep those rocks up to expose their immoral criminality, the better.

So good work, Steve Baker, on your latest missive from inside the bubble. May you keep bringing the light to these people and exposing them to the rest of us, for as long as you can physically stand it:


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