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David Galland: Europe has been quietly taken over by communists

Casey Research’s managing director has conducted in-depth research from the back of taxis all over Europe and has come to a reasonable conclusion, one which many inside the goldfish bowl are incapable of comprehending, though that fails to stop it … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carr: God bless you, Sir!

While the Stockholm-Syndrome slaves of Britain protest about the comedian Jimmy Carr ‘only’ paying one percent of his income to fund the super-sized mafia known as the British government – while these brainwashed slaves are happy to hand over 50% … Continue reading

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Detlev Schlichter: The death of banks – and the future of money

The German hard money guru looks beyond the forthcoming collapse of paper money, in an excellent piece. As a hard asset man myself, I’m unsure about BitCoin. However, once some bright spark invents cold fusion and we can electrolyse almost … Continue reading

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George Osborne, the King of Crony Keynesianism

Paul Krugman, of all people, spots that George Osborne is going to use Crony Keynesianism to bung his corrupt friends fantastic amounts of taxpayer cash, washed through government-guaranteed loans to private business. Here’s the key quote from the Krugman piece: … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown: Gissa Job, Make Me World Financial Supremo!

The monstrous self-addicted Tony Blair spent the entire final year of his inglorious premiership advertising his wares and trying to find new work, quite successfully for the main part. It seems Gordon Brown is getting around to it too, once … Continue reading

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Philipp Bagus: Passing the Bailout Buck

The great Philipp Bagus explains it all, where mere mortals, such as myself, have to turn to Max Keiser.

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Weekend Thinking: What would Margaret Thatcher do if she were Prime Minister today?

Hmmm… It’s an interesting one. Let’s imagine an ‘idealised’ Margaret Thatcher – who probably never existed – as opposed to one hemmed in by ‘political reality’ and ‘the art of the possible’. The holy number of many religions is eight, … Continue reading

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