Predictive genius, coincidence, or UEFA Euro fix?

Here’s a quote on this site from June the 12th, a few weeks ago, when talking about the EU’s bid to manage ‘feel-good’ stories, in its time of roiling chaotic crisis.

“Just as an aside, don’t be surprised too if the Spanish and Italian football teams reach the Euro Championship final, to give their governments a few weeks of relief. Not that I’m saying UEFA referees can be bought, of course. I just won’t be surprised if that happens, and if Spain win the game.”

Rather remarkably, Italy beat Germany in the semi-final of UEFA’s Euro Championship, to join Spain in Sunday’s final, despite Italy being incapable of scoring in open play against an extremely poor England team, and Germany being colossal in their ability to sweep other teams aside.



If Spain actually win on Sunday, as predicted, expect me to continue to be totally unsurprised, for all of the reasons explained in the original article.

Just saying.

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