The Euro was supposed to fail

An EU Bureaucrat hatches a plot, yesterday

The plan was to work like this. The peoples of Europe did not want to be dragooned by their corrupt rulers into a Napoleonic superstate, or into any other form of Carolingian or Romanesque empire, which would later be morphed into a global empire, ruled by a shadowy super-elite hiding behind all the various politicians that they control.

So how to square the circle?

Simple. Introduce a single currency, one designed to fail, and then when it failed, from the ashes of order-out-of-chaos would come the flames of a glorious new imperial province called Euroland, with a single government of clownish puppets controlled by the dark strings of the super-elite which had arranged the whole shooting match.

But it isn’t working out like that.

Why not?

Because nobody was supposed to know or even imagine that there was any kind of planning behind this deliberately-designed pre-ordained failure of the Euro.

We were all supposed to believe that genuine politicians had genuinely tried to make things better with a single currency, and then had genuinely and spontaneously arrived at the idea of political unification as a genuine attempt to solve the completely unforeseeable problem of Euro collapse.

Alas, these rotten Machiavellian plans were spawned in an age when the super-elite individuals behind all of this plotting were the gatekeepers and owners of all sources of information, whether it be government spin operations, Fleet Street newspapers, or even government libraries.

But the Voldemortian death eaters of the super-elite had been unable to foresee the rise of the Harry Potterian Internet and its clandestine Order of the Phoenix network which now informs much of the western world.

Just using myself as an example, I used to get the majority of my information from the following main sources; libraries, BBC Radio 4, The Guardian Newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, the BBC’s Question Time programme, BBC Television News, BBC Newsnight, and the Economist magazine.

All of those – especially that last one of course – are either owned directly or indirectly controlled by the super-elite, via shadowy sub-corporations, beholden bureaucrats, or political puppets.

These days, I fail to remember the last time I was in a library, I never listen to Radio 4, I only sporadically read British newspapers online and never pay a voluntary penny towards their upkeep, I never watch Question Time, I only ever watch BBC television News when I’m either in need of comedy or a boost to low blood pressure, I sometimes watch Newsnight when I want to see how rude Jeremy Paxman has become or when I want to refresh myself on just how contrived its opinions are, and I wouldn’t use the sinister Economist magazine as cat litter.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

I – and millions of useful socialoid idiots like me – was supposd to keep believing the garbage pouring forth from the controlled MSM, and to keep tugging my forelock if any politicians deigned to grace me with their salvations. If I was really lucky, I might even have been selected from among the herds of tax cattle to become a politician. Fancy that?

Alas, millions of tax cattle still do believe the torrent of lies and fabrications spewing forth from the officially-licensed talking heads, but fortunately, a critical mass has shaken off the Imperius curse of all of this worthless propaganda.

And so the super-elite’s master plans are foundering in a quicksand of crack-up boom chaos, as the information leaks out around the gatekeepers that we’re all being had.

Long may they continue to founder. And long may the real news continue to leak, despite, and probably because of, the super-elite’s war against the Internet.

In the meantime, I shall be reading The Daily Bell.

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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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3 Responses to The Euro was supposed to fail

  1. Mike says:

    Like most conspiracy theories this is overly paranoid. Politicians and bureaucrats are not nearly that cleaver nor as forward thinking. If anything they tend to think short term. Why do you think they keep attempting to “kick the can down the road” as far as it will go before it all implodes?

    The Daily Bell, Jack Chick, Alex Jones. FAR too much sensationalism. No i’m not for big government. Leave that to the dependent idiots.

  2. Dinero says:

    Not a bad second order conspiracy theory you’ve got there. Still, it is not surprising that you are looking for answers when there is a chaotic political reaction to something publicly predicted and widely discussed years ago , take this for instance
    linked from here.

  3. Abu Aardvark says:

    @ Mike & Dinero

    Your comments seem somewhat odd. Main employees of the globalist elite are on the record, for many years, expressing desire and determination to achieve exactly the kind of ‘crisis’ we’re living through now in order to justify even more centralization and prepared authoritarian ‘solutions’.

    In fact, one has to be willfully blind not to realize that we’re talking ‘conspiracy practice’ here.

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