Jimmy Carr: God bless you, Sir!


While the Stockholm-Syndrome slaves of Britain protest about the comedian Jimmy Carr ‘only’ paying one percent of his income to fund the super-sized mafia known as the British government – while these brainwashed slaves are happy to hand over 50% of their annual produce to their hoodlum masters – I have a different word of complaint for Mr Carr.

Jimmy, why the 1 percent? If you’re going to do a job, do it properly. Get it down to zero.

Aside from this sole caveat, bravo, sir! Yes, you still pay 20% tax on everything you spend (except clothes for eight-year-olds), plus alcohol duties, petrol duties, road taxes, property taxes, and the other hundreds of mafia protection-racket scams. However, reducing your income tax like this is a good start.

And for the Mafiosi-In-Chief David Cameron (a.k.a. “The Trustfund Kid”) to talk about ‘morality’, when he himself is the appointed head of the most immoral thieving criminal murderous organisation in Britain, really is quite laughable.

What’s interesting about this tax avoidance plan of Mr Carr’s, is that it is all perfectly legal, even according to the fiat ersatz laws of the mafia. I hope its ‘legality’ has therefore stimulated many others into reducing the tithes they pay to their slave-masters, to cut these criminal money-printers off at the financial knees.

I did think of entering such a scheme myself, a few years ago, but was advised that as long as I remained in Britain, I would constantly be harrassed by agents of the mafia, despite the schemes being completely legal, even by their own miserable rules. These schemes are mostly therefore used by people prepared or expecting to leave Britain on a short-term basis (such as premier league footballers originally from abroad).

A lot of people therefore benefit from them, and good luck to them. However, you won’t find appalling politicians like David Cameron or Ed Miliband attacking premier league footballing heroes. Imagine, for instance, if a top London club lost its best striker, because that player was tired of being harassed by government agents? As John Lennon might’ve said, imagine the political fallout from such an situation, as the ‘Goal Machine Forced Abroad’ stories lost countless marginal seats around London for the ruling party?

Fortunately, braver men than I, such as Jimmy Carr, are prepared to face these agents down.

Though he should expect, despite the perfect legality of his actions, to be constantly harrassed by them for the rest of his life, to make an example of him to the other slaves, so that they should continue to love and obey master and all of master’s corrupt snivelling mafiosi minions.

Strangely, I’ve never found Jimmy Carr in the slightest bit amusing, until today. From now on, I shall regard him as a comedic genius. Perhaps not quite in the same league as George Carlin, but certainly up there with Bob Hope and Eric Morecambe.

Hopefully however, my new hero has a bolt-hole lined up to escape to, when the Harry Redknapp treatment gets too much.

Mine’s in Acapulco.


About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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4 Responses to Jimmy Carr: God bless you, Sir!

  1. Jimmy Carr apologised for this on Twitter… What a shame!

    • Andy Duncan says:

      The thought of having tens of HMRC agents on your back, ready to spend tens of millions of other people’s money on hounding you for the rest of your life, driven by the malicious whim of the Caretaker King, the Trustfund Kid, would be enough to focus most people’s attention. It would certainly focus mine. Whether he means it or not is a different matter. One suspects he is hurriedly arranging a bolt-hole outside the EU. His problem, is that his comedy doesn’t really translate outside of the Guardian-reading classes of Londonista Land, most of whom suck at the teat of tax-fed wages, so he’s a bit limited in his options. Hopefully he’s put enough aside for that not to matter too much. But one suspects he’s not looking forward to living in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for over 270 days of the year, and hopping back to London for the odd late-night Channel 4 gig (if the Guardian-reading luvvies at Channel 4 are still prepared to hire him). But he’s still a hero in my book. Just as Harry Redknapp is.

  2. Archie Dean says:

    “Mine’s in Acapulco”.

    Hmmm, very interesting. I’ve been thinking about the very same destination for, I would
    assume, many of the same reasons. It’s a damned impertinence I know, but anything about the acquisition process you’d care to share?

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