Weekend Thinking: What would Margaret Thatcher do if she were Prime Minister today?


It’s an interesting one.

Let’s imagine an ‘idealised’ Margaret Thatcher – who probably never existed – as opposed to one hemmed in by ‘political reality’ and ‘the art of the possible’.

The holy number of many religions is eight, as reflected in the regenerative capacity of life to procreate two-by-two-by-two, so let’s try a divinatory list of eight to see how we get on:

  1. Britain would now be outside of the EU, and freed from all of that horror, in the same way that Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland are
  2. All of the currently nationalised and zombified UK banks would have been cast loose onto Schumpeter’s Grim Reaper of creatively destructive market forces, as the miners were in the 1980s, thus freeing up the British people from hundreds of billions in debt, used to pay off the previous owners of these massively risk-taking organisations, and also freeing up all of those employees to try their luck elsewhere
  3. Government spending would have been restricted to income from taxes, rather than from massive borrowing and even more massive money-printing inflation, once again saving the rest of us hundreds of billions, if not trillions of pounds in malinvestments, and retaining the ability of the rest of us both to save capital and to actually use money, God forbid, as a store of value, as opposed to suffering from financial repression to fund the ever-sinking ship of chaotic and incompetent government
  4. Also in order to achieve point three, perhaps two or even three million civil ‘servants’ (who actually think of themselves as deserving masters) would have been ‘let go’. They would mostly have been ‘regulatory’ civil servants, who spend their miserable hateful lives trying to screw everyone else in Britain who dares to try to make other people’s lives better, so their sacking would have been an enormous blessing, both to the people they usually screw, and to everyone else. Even, perhaps, to them! Even if unemployable, it is cheaper to keep such parasites on welfare, than it is to give them good salaries, expenses, free first class rail tickets, plus index-linked pensions, and the power to screw up other people’s lives. Fortunately, after a couple of years on the dole, although most would remain unemployable for the rest of their lives, due to their malevolent sociopathic nihilism, a few of them could even have been turned around to become useful people rather than their current insidious state as destructive tapeworms.
  5. Unfortunately, I think even an ‘idealised’ Thatcher would have still got Britain involved in the criminal wars spawned against other people in remote countries, so marks against my idealised paragon, here
  6. Again, to boost point three, a massive privatisation programme would now be casting loose the sacred cows of education and health, to free up these moribund monstrosities, filled with legions of arrogant Guardian readers who think they are owed hundred grand salaries merely for achieving good bureaucratic grades in bureaucratic degrees. We would finally see what these people are actually worth, as opposed to their own grand opinions of themselves, when they have to persuade other people to pay their salaries, rather than having government do it for them at the point of a gun.
  7. Alas, again, I’m sure my idealised paragon would have been swayed by the appalling Sebastian Coe to waste billions of pounds on a rotten Olympics programme, to build sports centres in the eastern side of London, which will be filled with weeds in five years time (and let’s refuse to even wonder about an Olympics in which it rains solidly for two whole weeks, as it often does at Wimbledon and the Henley Royal Regatta)
  8. She would have held up Hong Kong and Singapore as paragons of economic virtue, and tried to emulate their economic models in the UK, thereby leading to enormous prosperity for the rest of us (and perhaps much less prosperity for the slimy and seditious Lord Sebastian Coe)

So, six for, and two against. It ain’t too bad, especially when you consider that my idealised paragon is up against that spavined self-loving nag, David Cameron, who would easily score eight against, and perhaps even ten out of eight, with two extra points against being awarded for the horror of his Old Etonian arrogance.

I’m sorry, David. You ain’t Wellington. Not when you take orders so easily from the Napoleonic Bilderbergian, George ‘Me, Myself, I’ Osborne.


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2 Responses to Weekend Thinking: What would Margaret Thatcher do if she were Prime Minister today?

  1. P.M.Lawrence says:

    Eight is more a Terry Pratchettish Discworld thing. Also, Margaret Thatcher would have got into wars, just as she brought about the conditions for the Falklands War, in just the same way: by making all the wrong sorts of defence cuts that left genuine British interests vulnerable. Expect a reprise of that and similar things, just not the readiness, willingness and ability to participate in the recent wars of choice.

    • Andy Duncan says:

      We’ll never know, of course, but perhaps you’re right, though a more ruthless pruning of government spending would have limited any major adventurism. The creation of the Federal Reserve was all about expanding American military power, giving the US government the ability to spend endless sinews on war without needing to increase difficult taxes to pay for it, as the Bank of England helped fund the growth of the British Empire, so any constriction of central banking (as I myself would envisage) is also necessarily a constriction of war (and one of the major pluses of such a constriction). Also, it was Reagan who got the US out of Lebanon and Thatcher who gave up Hong Kong, so I’m not sure they were either as belligerent as the much more fascist neocons such as the Bush crime family, and their more local Don, Tony Blair. One suspects that if there were ten more years to go on the Hong Kong ‘lease’, that Obomber, the drone killer of children, would be insinuating an opportunity to rile the Chinese, but we’ll only ever be able to find out such things in an alternative discworld. Incidentally, as a Robert Graves man myself, even the ‘Ten Commandments’ may really be a list of eight items, with two of the commandments really being grouping glosses. If you’re interested in such things, read Graves’s ‘White Goddess’ to find many hidden number eights within many of the myths and legends of world, especially in that most complicated religion of all, Christianity, even stuff as subtle as 2x2x2 being used by the animals piling into Noah’s Ark, and the number seventy two constantly cropping up, even as the number of pillars in ancient temples, because that is 8×9, with eight being the most powerful male Sun-related number of increase, and nine being the most powerful Moon-related number of female power (as 3x3x3), or the ‘holy trinity cubed’. And don’t get me started on the number seven, that most mystical number of all! 🙂

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