Nigel Farage: The Euro Titanic Has Now Hit The Iceberg

Nigel Farage, looking very dapper in a light grey suit with a stylish combination of light blue shirt and tie, outsurpasses even himself in his condemnation of the plump self-satisfied Quisling clowns at the European ‘parliament’.

Italy is now borrowing €20 billion euros at 7% to lend to Spain at 3%, and as Mr Farage states, you really couldn’t make that up, as Italy lines itself up to go bang next.

I did this in an army run, once. I tried to hold up a guy for a while, but the weight of him almost finished me off. Under orders, I let him go, to avoid two of us failing. Italy, apparently, is under orders to keep holding Spain up, no matter what. Will this end well?

Just watch the video.


Watch this space for the King World News interview, where Farage will expand upon his above epiphany, though once again my advice to Mr Farage is to continue to avoid flying in light aircraft, just in case the engines inadvertently fall off.

Kings and their bankers are often troubled by such turbulent priests, and accidents often surround such priests. Obviously, these two points are entirely unrelated.


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