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James Turk: Escalating Bank Runs, Gold, Silver, Miners, & More

Among other things in his latest King World News interview, the Turkster postulates that even when the rulers of the Euro Reich impose their bank holiday onto Greece, to transition that country from the Euro to the Drachma, they will … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage – Break up the euro and restore human dignity

The heroic Nigel Farage once again tells the Euro Reich’s emperors that not only are they wearing no clothes, but that their nudity is revolting. And watch the way he squashes the comfortable Greek quisling. And here is Mr Farage … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day, June 17th – “For the eurozone, the worst is yet to come”

If the Eurocrats in Brussels let the Greeks have their pesky election, and let the soon-to-be newly elected Greek government have its head, then Greece should drop out of the Euro in pretty short order. At least, that’s what the … Continue reading

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It’s all Greek to me!

The Globalist Keynesian Statist Mafia are either maliciously confusing cause and effect or stupidly confusing cause and effect. Detlev Schlichter explains why and how.

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New Euro, hot off the presses

Perhaps this is what they’ll issue in Greece, after the ‘surprise’ bank holiday?

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EU motorway madness

A correspondent, Patrick Barron, relates to a recent driving experience in Portugal. To read this, will be almost to refuse to believe it: Motorway madness in Portugal 14 May, 2012 My friend is a regular business traveller to Europe and … Continue reading

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Biochemistry of the Paleo Diet

Slightly off-topic, I know, but this is an amazing lecture about the biochemistry of the cell, by Dr Doug McGuff, and why everything you may have thought you knew about exercise, fitness, and health, as taught to you by the … Continue reading

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