Fool Britannia & the curious case of Brown’s Bottom

When Gordon Brown sold off half of the British government’s gold at the precise decades-long market bottom, for an average of $275 dollars an ounce (so he could buy the Euro Reich’s euros!) he guaranteed his place in history as perhaps the most imbecilic British politician of all time (and that’s up against some stiff competition, such as Eden, Chamberlain, and Cameron).

On Max Keiser’s latest show, at 13:00 minutes, Jan Skoyles discusses her plan to encourage the British people to buy back some of this gold.

Indeed, I would go further and ask the useless British government to unload their remaining gold, which was either originally stolen or paid for with stolen money, and give it all back to British taxpayers on a pro rata basis with how much tax they have paid in their lives.

However, let’s avoid quibbling.

Anything which highlights the ongoing calamitous stupidity of British politicians works for me, especially if it embarrasses that incredible socialist clot, Gordon Brown.

So, take it away, Jan:

UPDATE: The ‘Buy Britain’s Gold Back’ website, is available here.

Here’s the YouTube blurb:

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss ‘asymmetric accounting,’ flatulent dark market clubs in austerity London and the $72 trillion claim against Limewire, while President Obama settles for $26 billion for widescale, systemic mortgage fraud. In the second half of the show Max talks to Jan Skoyles of about her campaign to Buy Britain’s Gold Back.

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