James Turk: Escalating Bank Runs, Gold, Silver, Miners, & More

Among other things in his latest King World News interview, the Turkster postulates that even when the rulers of the Euro Reich impose their bank holiday onto Greece, to transition that country from the Euro to the Drachma, they will sequester Euro deposits held by Greek citizens in other countries (such as Germany), and force those accounts to be repaid in the new quickly-to-be-devalued Drachma (which Nigel Farage estimated in the Euro Reich debating chamber will be worth about 50% less, on day one, than the official conversion rate).

This, Turk thinks, is why the Euro Reich has insisted that Euroland citizens provide citizenship details when opening Euro accounts in Euroland, to give the Euro Reich this facility to rob its citizens in these sorts of eventualities (which remember, were never supposedly planned for).

Essentially, Mr Turk advises that if you’re Greek, don’t just take your Euros out of Greece and ‘convert’ them into Euros in other parts of Euroland. Turn them into something else instead, which the Euro Reich will have much more difficulty stealing from you.

And if you can guess what Mr Turk thinks you should purchase with your Greek Euros to solve this dilemma, then you either possess remarkable prescience or you’re just guessing that his answer involves physical gold! 🙂

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