Groundhog Day, June 17th – “For the eurozone, the worst is yet to come”

Some Eurocrats, at an ‘informal’ meeting last week, to decide what to do about Greece

If the Eurocrats in Brussels let the Greeks have their pesky election, and let the soon-to-be newly elected Greek government have its head, then Greece should drop out of the Euro in pretty short order.

At least, that’s what the splendid Liam Halligan thinks, in the Daily Telegraph, an MSM writer with a surprisingly clear head.

Obviously, with an if, a let, and a should, conjoined with the thoughtless short-term responses of the selfish bureaucrats in Belgium, we have a fairly volatile mix of who knows exactly what, but ‘The Grexit’ would seem to be the most likely outcome following June 17th, perhaps accompanied by a ‘surprise’ 9-day bank holiday, as Euros are exchanged for Drachmas.

It’s certainly more interesting waiting for June 17th, rather than waiting for the hideous British government’s Olympics (which should, of course, always be held in Greece).

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