Caretaker Kings of Germany will bail out Greece

The Eventual New Euro

The Eventual New Euro

Because of the democratic cycle, where people like Angela Merkel know they’re going to be out of power and therefore out of influence in a few years time (or possibly even in a few months time), Egon von Greyerz speculates that the current crop of spineless German politicians will cave in to pressure from the Greek government, and bail out that corrupt entity soon, to prop up the Euro for a few more months.

In this way, of course, Merkel will buy personal favours for herself, to be cashed in at some point in the future, with perhaps a nice fat tax-free Euro commission ‘role’, or some other similar bauble from the nascent world government, when the German people kick her out of the Chancellorship. Her new cash-rich sinecure, paid for with other people’s money, will become her ‘reward’ for being a ‘good’ European.

That she will have willingly saddled the German people with billions more in unpayable Greek debt, won’t be her problem any more, when she becomes Nato defence secretary, IMF world president, or Euro Commissioner to China.

Getting back to the long term, it was politically unfeasible for the Roman Empire not to collapse, over the course of several centuries, because of the short-term political structures they developed between their republican and imperial phases. Democratic politicians in Europe have re-invented the same trick. In the short-term, it is democratically unfeasible for Europe to do anything other than bail out the Eurozone,  with ever-larger amounts of LTRO money printed by the ECB, leading us towards Herr Schlichter’s paper money collapse.

However, in the long term, this means that Europe will edge ever-closer towards hyperinflation, or if they do step back from the brink of that, at some point, then right into the heart of a catastrophic depression, with 41 years’ worth of correcting adjustments to wipe out and throttle all of the over-blown segments of the economy, such as welfare, housing, and everything else government has ‘stimulated’ into a bubble, to gain short-term benefits for politicians, with all of that paper money acting as the oxygen.

Now exact predictions as to where this mess will end up, all lie in the realm of chaos theory, and pygmy politicians are merely lying, cheating, and scraping from one miserable day to the next, as the situation continues to get worse. However, I am confident of one thing. It is the sacred holy cow of democracy that has got us into this mess, which generates spineless corrupt lying politicians. And that sacred cow will continue to drag us into a political abyss of greater fascism/communism (same thing, really) until, finally, in the end, people eventually realise that democracy is the problem, rather than any kind of a solution.

How long that realisation takes to come, in the face of all that government brain-washing propaganda, remains to be seen. Let us hope it is sooner than two and a half thousand years, as it was with Athens.

Democracy created and then immediately destroyed the Athenian Delian-league empire, and in many ways, it destroyed the Roman empire too, in a much more complex way, with its generation of fascist dictators like Julius Caesar, and the subsequent political machineries installed to temper such dictators. It seems then, that democracy is going to destroy the European Reich, too. And yet, people will cling to its false god, even after the fascist dictators take over because of its lubricating induction of political short-termist madness.

(Always remember that Adolf Hitler was elected to power, via democracy, to cure the problems caused by Weimar republic democracy.)

But why is democracy such an addictively sticky idea? Why does it take such a hold, even in the minds of people who ought to know better? This requires further research on the nature of the human condition. In the meantime, if Herr Von Greyerz is right, I am once again going to be temporarily delayed with my writing of the following article:

  • Whoops! Greece leaves the Euro

However, the Eurocrats really are in a hole on this one.

If they ‘save’ Greece’, and print lots of Euros to do so, to ‘grow’ their economy, then Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, France, and Belgium, will demand the same largesse. If the Eurocrats refuse to ‘save’ Greece, and I get to write my article, then Jack and Jill will come tumbling down, unravelling the Eurozone with them, and thereby putting back the world government globalists about fifty years in their Machiavellian planning.

No doubt their plotting will continue, but maybe even they will see the futility and horror of their plans (though I severely doubt that).

Decisions, decisions.

No doubt, whatever short-term course presents the least immediate pain, in terms perhaps of hours, will become the route chosen, in much the same way that lightning decides how to come down out of the sky by finding the path of least electrical resistance.

But that lightning is coming, my friends. The trick will be to remain out of its path when it strikes the ground.

Yes, it’s hard to predict exactly where lightning will strike, but those copper-plated trees sticking up on the hill of  Club O’Med seem the likeliest sites, though perhaps it may hit a too-big-to-fail bank, and take out the banking system first. Who knows?

My current betting is that Greece will be ‘saved’, therefore the lightning will be diverted to strike on the plain of Spain, perhaps taking a large Spanish bank first, then the Spanish government, and then who knows what.

However, this is mere idle speculation. Your guess really is as good as mine. Perhaps living in a gold mine is the best course of defensive action?

In the meantime, listen to more of Herr Von Greyerz’s thoughts, on King World News:


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