Where will the Fed get $80 trillion dollars from?

On King World News, Rick Rule wonders where the Federal Reserve will get $80 trillion dollars from, to pay off all of the US government’s financial obligations.

It’s actually quite simple.

On one of their Open Market Operations computers, they change this entry:


To this:


That’s $80 trillion dollars, in binary.

Job done.

It’s certainly a lot easier than in Private Schulz’s day, when you actually had to go out and print the counterfeit money, and infinitely harder than when you had to go out and mine a corresponding amount of gold to back up your newly issued paper notes.

In the old constitutional days, with $20 dollars being equal to one ounce of gold, $80 trillion dollars would have meant mining and refining approximately 125 million tons of pure gold.

So it’s much easier now, all at the press of a computer screen return button. And all down to the magic of legitimate counterfeiting and fractional reserve banking, or did I just repeat myself?


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