EU headed towards the rocks – band asked to play ‘Ode to Joy’

The splendid Nigel Farage details the ongoing breakup of the EU, including the worrying rise of National Socialism in Greece, all brought about by the organised crime syndicate, known as the EU, refusing to acknowledge the inevitable, that the paper-money fuelled debt part is over.

He also predicts that to prolong the party into the small hours, the EU will try to institute some kind of EU-wide dictatorship, to prevent different countries from doing what they want, within the straitjacket of EU-imposed ‘austerity’.

So, more and more like the breakup of the original Roman Empire then, as the new Roman Empire, founded at the Temple of Jupiter Maximus, in Rome, in 1957, staggers on from crisis to crisis:

For those who want to take their mind off things, instead of sitting back to watch the rocks while the ship of the EU heads directly towards them, here is ‘Ode to Joy’, as conducted by the magnificent Christian Thielemann:


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One Response to EU headed towards the rocks – band asked to play ‘Ode to Joy’

  1. Default User says:

    Ode to Joy is the EU Anthem, so it is apt in a way. I can never forgive them for tainting the piece by claiming it

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