The democracy scam continues


On my way to Heathrow, this morning, my taxi driver unfortunately was listening to a BBC call-in show, called ‘The Nicky Campbell Show’.

There are all sorts of homesteading issues within a taxi driver’s vehicle, and all sorts of easement rights. Rather than contact Professor Hoppe or read one of his books for a philosophical analysis of the property rights within the car, I decided to put my headphones on instead and listen to a Robb Wolf podcast on primal nutrition.

But just before I got the headphones on, a white-van-man caller on the show said ‘We don’t have democracy in this country any more’. A horrible statist woman he was up against actually said something truthful to him, in response, along the lines of ‘Yes we do, democracy has never been stronger.’

And then the truth barometer swung around completely, as the first caller gave a precise Hoppeian analysis of why the UK is in such a gigantic mess, before once again switching to the falsehood, ‘…and that’s why we don’t have democracy in this country any more.’

Satisfied, he put the phone down, and the horrible statist woman laughed at him, and once again claimed, quite truthfully, that we DO have democracy.

Oh how I laughed internally, as the taxi headed to the M4 motorway.

Because the meme that ‘democracy is all good’ has been inculcated into we UK tax cows so well in the state-controlled education farms, even when a white van man is able to perform a spontaneous and accurate Hoppeian analysis, he is still incapable of that final crucial step that it is democracy that has caused this mess.

And that is why we needed Hoppe.

To puncture that meme.

Democracy is a god that has failed. Say it again. And then say it again with jam on.

And if the rest of us can keep working on progressing that meme, and evaporating the meme that ‘the font of all goodness lies within democracy’, then we are close to a breakthrough.

Yes, it’s perhaps the toughest meme-cracking campaign of all time, but we will know we are winning, when a white van man phones the Nicky Campbell show and says ‘the reason this country is in a mess, is because of democracy.’

The statists will quail with horror and laugh uproariously, to hide their horror, but we will know that we are winning the most important meme war of all time.

And then we’ll try to figure out why people like listening to radio shows deliberately designed to induce stress.

But that’s a whole other essay on a whole other day.

The horror of Heathrow approaches, so I must prepare myself mentally for its upcoming shocking statist transgression of natural human property and freedom rights.

Wish me luck, as I try to remain calm in the face of all those government costumes.


About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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