Fare thee well, welfare!


Uncle Gary, with more on how and why the western world’s welfare Ponzi schemes are going to end:

Favourite quote:

‘Unlike Rome, the West’s intellectuals have defended the spread of the welfare state by means of a system of ethics. It rests on a variation of the Mosaic commandment against theft: “Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote.” So widespread has this revised commandment been that the electorates in every Western nation will not tolerate its rejection. Yet the economics of the deficits points to the operational failure of the welfare system’


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2 Responses to Fare thee well, welfare!

  1. David Farrer says:

    Sorry Andy. I’ve discovered a fundamental flaw in this Austrian stuff:


  2. Andy Duncan says:

    Austrianism is never finished, David. It can always be improved. Even if it’s just by sliding around the odd figure blob. You’ve got to remember that Uncle Murray never had any of this Excel stuff that we can play around with for hours, these days. He probably had to hire a team of engineers to draw that chart with slide rules.

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