The end of the welfare state?

The governments in Europe have a stark choice, which they’re failing to reveal to the rest of us, says Uncle Gary North.

  1. Accept hyperinflation, and then the gold-based currency which will inevitably result at the end of that horror
  2. Stiff the European populations and default on all of those social security payments which we’ve been forced to make, and refuse to pay us the state pensions we are owed (by raising age limits, introducing means testing, and all the other usual lies and tricks)

Either way, Uncle Gary thinks the end of the welfare state is nigh, and he’s enjoying taking a ringside seat as the Marx Brothers farce of the EU collapses in front of our eyes.

And with gold being the only way out of choice one, choice two will be their preferred route.

Walk through a hundred years of history, with Gary North, as he explains how the European welfare states came into being, and how he thinks they’re going to end:

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