Bank of England QE pushes family fill-up cost to over £100


With more tax rises and commodity price inflation to come, fuelled by the UK government’s inability to rein in its spending and their funding of their own deficits via extensive money printing, it’s all starting to go to cock in David Cameron’s crime empire fiefdom, as the UK’s capo di tutti capi obsesses about trying to turn Britain into Sweden with his plans on alcohol Nazism, which will no doubt turn into higher taxes, once they’ve been through the laundering blame shower of the EU.

In their new radio show, Stacy Herbert and a very relaxed sounding Max Keiser examine how this is all going to pan out, over the next few months, as Britain rolls down the road towards hyperinflation. They surmise that the only cure for this will be to raise interest rates, but that would cripple the British government, as they owe so much debt to keep paying all those millions of bureaucrats’ and politicians’ salaries.

Expect more QE, says Max, and £200 pounds to fill up your tank, in a relative blink of an eye. He gives it six months. No doubt this will be nothing to do with the Bank of England’s QE programme or the British government’s addiction to spending money it doesn’t have, except at the wet end of a printing press:

Expect William Hagues’s push to WWIII to intensify, to blame this continuing petrol price inflation on the upcoming destruction of Iran.

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