Smoking Nazis turn their attention to alcohol

Having been successful in creating massive black markets in tobacoo smuggling and increasing the ‘coolness’ of smoking in young people, the former smoking Nazis are now about to begin their assault upon alcohol, so that I now cannot go to Majestics and buy a half-price case of Pinot Noir, because the useless British police have lost control of the streets in various northern towns on weekend evenings.

Now, I would have thought that the failure of the British police to do their job would have entailed the wholesale sacking of police chief officers and perhaps even a privatisation of security services in city centres, but alas, no, it seems I’m wrong. I must pay more for my Pinot Noir instead, as Britain heads more towards the alcohol fascism of Sweden.

Which is interesting, of course, because not only does Sweden have some of the toughest paper fiat regulations against alcohol, it also has some of the worst alcoholism problems in the world.

Funny that.

I wonder if it’s got anything to do with their own insane brand of alcohol fascism?

Expect alcohol abuse to get even worse in Britain, as the various Nazis, fascists, socialists, and morons who inhabit the conservative faction of the British state, really ratchet up their ‘war’ against alcohol, mainly because they’re bored and also because they want to keep us under the impression that they’re actually useful.

Yes, they are, I suppose, at showing us how stupid and petty the British government has become, as the country slowly sinks under the weight of its crippling bureaucracy.

And you thought the Labour faction was bad.


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An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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