Budget! What Budget?

George Osborne Delivers his Budget Speech

George Osborne Delivers his Budget Speech

Although these days I rarely watch the mind programming channels produced by the British state and its organs (otherwise known as ‘The News’), with such a deluge of it produced yesterday covering ‘The Budget’, a little of it slopped onto my feet.

I heard some phrases about ‘Permanent tax alteration’, ‘45%’, ‘Allowance rebalancing’, and some other nonsense, about how some mafiosi criminals, parasites, and otherwise useless thieves plan to steal from us this year, to either ‘provoke’ us into earning more for them, or to get us to ‘vote’ for their thieving from others on our behalf, or simply to help themselves to whatever has already been produced.

Different gangs and factions of organised criminals seemed to get hot under the collar about how much they could get away with stealing from the rest of us, and treated this annual ‘Theft Festival’ with solemn religious reverence, like some kind of cargo cult, orgiastically burying themselves into the tiniest details in a ‘Red Book’, which contained all the ‘Bad News’ hidden in 8-point font in the footnotes, while the budget speech itself contained all the ‘Good News’.

Thankfully, I missed the speech, that concoction of lies, half-truths, and fabrications, as Bilderberg agent George Osborne – I should imagine – smarmed his way through a tortuous set of Brownesque statistics despite having spent a decade deriding Gordon Brown for the same technique of subterfuges.

What a ghastly country we live in.

Still, the weather’s nice today, and hopefully my accountant will be writing soon to tell me what he’s done with my financial status to ensure I continue to pay as little tax as possible, with zero chance of the protection racket men with guns coming round to menace me with threats.

Thankfully, the macro-parasite protection services he offers me are worth every penny.


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