Rothbard vs. Schlichter


An interesting debate emerges this morning, between Detlev Schlichter and Murray Rothbard.

In the blue corner, we have the London Lightning Storm, Detlev Schlichter:

And in the red corner, we have the Marvellous Manhattan Magician, Murray Rothbard:

Gentlemen, please start your engines.


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2 Responses to Rothbard vs. Schlichter

  1. David Goldstone says:

    My money is on Schlichter. He may not have the sheer punching power of Rothbard, but his jabs are carefully placed and very accurate.

  2. Difficult to tell who the winner is. They both agree that current FRB tactics are only possible because of the intervention of the state on the bankers behalf. They both agree that FRB introduces risks for the depositor which are exposed by bank runs. The only disagreement between them is their subjective opinion of the concept. I agree with Rothbard’s more risk-averse analysis.

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