Wo ist unser Gold?

Is someone selling the German and Swiss governments’ gold in the cash markets, without permission, to suppress the gold price, while the central bankers try to keep the phrases ‘sovereign debt’ and ‘default’ from colliding in the eastern Mediterranean?

When Marc Faber’s great monetary reset takes place, it’s going to be a great game of musical chairs in which you get a seat if you have enough gold to pay for it.

And Germany and Switzerland are becoming increasingly concerned that when the music stops, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will hand them nothing but a paper IOU for their thousands of tons of gold allegedly stored at 33 Liberty Street, NYC.

Or have these thousands of tons been sold off and shipped out to various vaults buried in various remote private locations around the world?

Maybe the German and Swiss governments should hire Simon Peter Gruber, last seen in Die Hard III as played by Jeremy Irons, to take some Germans over to New York to find out?

All this and more is discussed by Jim Sinclair and Eric King, in the latest King World News podcast:


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