Prole Alert: “Red Meat Will Kill You!”

Yeah, right.

We spent two million years living on a heavy diet of red meat, and then 10,000 years ago, some of us were starving in a Middle-Eastern drought, so started to eat grass because of this famine.

And gradually the rest of us switched to this carbohydrate-intensive diet, to get fat and diabetic, and now the very thing we spent all of those millions of years evolving to hunt down, kill, and eat, will kill us? No, Food-Nazis, you’ve got it the wrong way round. We kill red meat.

And if you want the lowdown on this ‘scientific’ study, check this:

The food study being bandied about the world as Food-Nazi gospel, is about as scientific as the ‘Hide the Decline’ nonsense produced by the Enviro-Nazi crowd behind ‘global warming’, or is it ‘global cooling’ these days, I forget?

So now the Food-Nazis are stepping up their own bid to ruin our lives, to increase our obesity, and to increase our diabetic levels, to try to out-match their green friends in stupidity.

But why the latest outbursts from the Outer Party of Guardianistas, which have probably filled a news channel somewhere near you, recently.

Well, it’s probably just another Inner Party meme to wreck our lives and to help bring on their horrific world government of Bilderberg-Nazi overlords in the Inner Party, with Smoking-Nazis, Food-Nazis, Health-Nazis, Enviro-Nazis, and all the other obsessive socialist Nazis underneath, in the Outer Party, trying to impose their various authoritarian hate-filled fascist impulses onto the rest of us.

I do wish they would all get on a boat and go somewhere else. North Korea would be good, or perhaps Massachusetts.

If you want to observe the Bilderberg machinations behind this latest flare up of idiocy, check this out:

As various governments around the world run out of other people’s money to prop up their failing paper-money systems, expect more ‘scare’ stories about healthy natural food, the kind we spent all those millions of years evolving to process, as these governments seek more excuses to raise taxes on these foods, to keep their rotten system going for a few more miserable years.

Why do we need government? Because they look after us! So they tax our food? Directly? On top of all the other taxes?

If you can stomach direct taxes on food and still believe that government has your best interests at heart, then I’m afraid you may lack a road to salvation, though we’ll keep trying to light your way.

In the meantime, smile at Big Brother. He loves you.


About Andy Duncan

An Austrian Internet Vigilante trying to live Outside the Asylum
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