Oh dear God, will these idiot politicians never learn?


The raving lunatic and power-hungry nincompoop, David Cameron, is about to use massive British government subsidies to prop up house prices for anyone who’ll vote for either him or his moron friends in the conservative faction of the British government.

Apparently, the over-extended debt lessons of the penultimate mini-crash of 2008 went straight over his head. So, as we head like an Exocet missile into the heart of the real crisis, which has yet to unfold, he wants to pile on even more debt and more misallocations of wealth to make this ultimate crisis even worse.

You really couldn’t make up either this man’s total stupidity or his total Machiavellianism.

At this moment, I’m siding with his self-interested short-sighted stupidity.

Will Frederic Bastiat please beam me up:

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